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PostSubject: Jobs Forum   Jobs Forum Icon_minitimeJune 11th 2008, 1:25 pm

There are two types of ads you can post here:

Wanted Ad: If you are offering a job, then post a Wanted ad. You should title Wanted ads with the word "Wanted" in the title. For instance, you might title a post Wanted: Personal Assistant and then describe what your Personal Assistant's responsibilities would be and how much you are willing to pay.

Available Ad:
An available ad is for people that have skills and are looking to get jobs on S'08. Title these types of post with the word Available in the title. For example Available: Music Video Fixer. Then in your post you would describe why you are qualified as a Music Video Fixer.

You can make up any job you want. Jobs can be as imaginative as you want. As long as one person is willing to pay and the other person is willing to work, then it's a job! But just to get you started, here are some examples of jobs people MIGHT post:

- A Personal Assistant: This is a person who takes care of little things for you, like delivering messages and complimenting you.

- An Artist: If you want someone to enter doll contests on your behalf or perhaps just draw something for you, then you can hire an Artist.

- A Lawyer: If you get in an argument, you can have your lawyer speak to the other person instead of speaking to them directly (or have your lawyer speak to their lawyer like adults do ). Lawyers must be talented communicators and good at settling arguments.

- Therapist/Psychologist: A therapist's job is to listen and talk to someone extensively when they have had a bad day or if they simply want to talk. They make the other person feel better and give them advice in a one-on-one setting.

- A Groupie: Someone who fawns on you and compliments you all day. Vain people might want a groupie.

There are many more potential jobs you could make, so think hard and have fun!

Bein Breezy....Leik ttly :]

None yet =[

TotalRetroFreek in training!

Sooo......Welcome To Summer!!!
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