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Breezy =]

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PostSubject: Contest Forum   Contest Forum Icon_minitimeJune 11th 2008, 2:55 pm

We created this new forum so we could post our official contests and also our members could post their own contests.

Rules About Starting Your Own Contest:

- Every contest must have a prize. you can offer things, like services. For instance, you can say "The winner of the contest gets 5 free public compliments by me. Anytime I say I want a compliment, you have to post a thread about how wonderful I am."

- If you create a contest, you MUST award the prize to the winners immediately after the contest is judged. The mods will make sure to keep you honest.

- When judging a contest, it is your responsibility to be as fair as possible. You may NOT make someone a winner or a non-winner based on your feelings about them. In fact, we encourage you to appoint a panel of three judges (I just chose the number three, but any odd number works so there are no ties) to make the contest as unbiased as possible.

- If you get more than 10 entrants, I will make your contest official and post the winners in the contest forum.

- Keep your contests appropriate. The mods reserve the right to delete contests that are not family-friendly.

- Enjoy! Contests are en exercise in creativity. We encourage all members to participate in good fun.

Bein Breezy....Leik ttly :]

None yet =[

TotalRetroFreek in training!

Sooo......Welcome To Summer!!!
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