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 RPG rules

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Breezy =]
Breezy =]

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PostSubject: RPG rules   RPG rules Icon_minitimeJune 11th 2008, 2:18 pm

Here are the rules! Please read them, and follow them!

Please, please do not insert cursing into your posts. This applies to every post you post, every thread you type, every sentence(s) you type in. No cursing. If you must curse, go for the next possible thing: Use a substitute. Like frell, and freak is my personal favorite, to tell the truth.

No inappropriate pictures or RPGs. If someone does post somthing inappropriate then just tell a mod or admin
and we will edit it out. No need for yelling at the person for doing it. If somthing they post is appropriate and you dont like it then just leave that topic.

Please accept everyone. If you have specific requirements, or requirements that are not typed but should be known, such as: 'No blondes' (Just a crazy example), and the requirements are not followed, you may ask them to change their picture, or form, or whatever. But please make sure that you accept each member. Leave behind prejudice!

Do not criticize. If new RPGers type like: 'Julie: *laughs* Tats funnnnyyyy!' don't say: 'Can you spell properly?' I mean, you guys all know what that means, right? Right.

Please, unless your RPGs are entirely from you, do not copyright them. Such as: 'HSM 2! JOIN! Copyrighted. DO NOT COPY!' Of course, there are many HSM fans, so there are sure to have more than one HSM 2 RPGs, and that means, 'HEY, YOU COPIED MY RPG!' 'No I didn't.' 'Yes you did, you RPG stealing...stealing..piggy!'

If you have questions/suggestions, please PM me or TotalRetroFreek.

Bein Breezy....Leik ttly :]

None yet =[

TotalRetroFreek in training!

Sooo......Welcome To Summer!!!
RPG rules Summer
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RPG rules
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